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Making Complex NGS Testing “Easy to Handle”

The AmoyDx HANDLE® technology is a proprietary amplicon-based method for NGS library preparation.
It offers a time-saving and cost-effective protocol that can be completed within 5 hours, requiring just about 1 hour of hands-on time.

During the library construction process, each individual DNA molecule is tagged with a unique molecular index (UMI) at both ends. This feature enables high sensitivity in variant detection by eliminating any library amplification and sequencing bias.

The probe consists of an extension arm and a ligation arm, both complementary to the target gene region.
Target-specific probes simultaneously hybridize to the DNA/cDNA fragment, forming a circular structure with the intended target captured between the probes. Subsequently, remaining linear probes, single-strand, and double-strand DNA are digested, leaving only the target circular DNA for PCR amplification to form the final library.
AmoyDx ddCapture®



Every Strand Matters

AmoyDx dual-directional capture (ddCapture) technology is a proprietary capture-based approach that utilizes biotinylated oligonucleotide baits (probes) to hybridize to regions of interest, offering an efficient NGS protocol suitable for both FFPE tissue and liquid biopsy testing.

During the library construction process, each individual DNA molecule is tagged with a unique molecular index (UMI) at both ends, ensuring high sensitivity in variant detection by eliminating library amplification and sequencing bias.

The fragmented DNA/cDNA (or cfDNA) undergoes incubation with end repair and A-tailing enzymes/reagents to generate blunt-ended fragments with dA-tails. These fragments are then ligated to adapters with complementary dT-overhangs. These adapters contain sequences that facilitate binding of the DNA fragments to the flow cell. Subsequently, PCR amplification enriches the libraries and labels each library with unique dual indexes.

Target enrichment of the libraries follows, involving denaturation of double-stranded libraries, hybridization of biotinylated probes to targeted regions, and enrichment using streptavidin beads. Finally, an additional PCR amplification with universal primers amplifies the enriched libraries.



Sequencing data generated with AmoyDx NGS products can be conveniently and securely analyzed using the AmoyDx NGS Data Analysis System (ANDAS). The ANDAS Data Analyzer consists of a local server and preinstalled ANDAS software equipped with specific analysis modules tailored for analyzing data from various AmoyDx NGS products.

The ANDAS server is installed within the same local network as the sequencer, providing the laboratory with complete control over data and security.
This ensures the protection of valuable sequencing data and downstream analysis results, including sensitive patient information. Accessible via a computer within the network, the ANDAS server and its preinstalled software offer an intuitive user interface for swift and straightforward analysis generation.

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