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AmoyDx Wins National Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise Title!
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has recently announced the newest list of manufacturing champions, and AmoyDx is proud to be featured. The national manufacturing champion title is highly prestigious, awarded to companies that focus deeply on a specific segment of the industry or a particular product field. These companies have internationally leading production technology or processes, strong market competitiveness, and their products hold a leading market share globally or domestically. They are leaders in innovation investment, innovation capacity, management level, and operational efficiency, representing the highest development level and strongest market strength in the global manufacturing sector.

AmoyDx, a visionary diagnostic company dedicated to transforming the landscape of cancer care, continues to shine after previously being named a National Enterprise Technology Center, a National-Level Specialized and New "Little Giant" Enterprise, a National Postdoctoral Research Workstation, and a National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise. This new honor highlights AmoyDx's deep industry expertise, advanced technology, leading market position, and superior quality standards.

AmoyDx will continue to lead with technological innovation, fully leveraging the advantages of a manufacturing champion, continue to focus on the field of precision oncology, develop innovative and compliant diagnostic tools based on clinical needs to serve patients worldwide, empower new productive forces, and contribute to the development of precision cancer care.

About AmoyDx (SZSE: 300685)
AmoyDx is at the forefront of championing molecular diagnostics for cancer, committed to enhancing patient outcomes worldwide through innovative diagnostic solutions and breaking barriers for global precision oncology adoption. The company is recognized for its excellence in precision medicine, driving advancements in cancer diagnosis through its extensive collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. For more information, please visit


AmoyDx Collaborates with Boehringer Ingelheim to Develop Companion Diagnostics for Lung Cancer Patients in China


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