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Highlights of AmoyDx FY2023 Financial Report
Xiamen, China, April 17, 2024 — Amoy Diagnostics Co., Ltd (AmoyDx SZSE: 300685) reported its financial results for the fiscal year 2023.  The company posted a total revenue of over 1 billion CNY for the first time, marking a remarkable 23.91% year-on-year increase with a net profit of 239 million CNY.

Domestic revenues reached a substantial year-on-year increase of 23.65% due to
  • Trusted provider in China due to strict attention to quality and regulatory compliance 
  • In-house testing solutions to more than 500 hospitals across China.
  • An assay AmoyDx developed for the Chinese market using a fragment analysis method had received approval from National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), making it the first-of-its-kind pan-cancer immunotherapy companion diagnostic kit for market in China.
International revenue growth surged by 24.68% and attributed to: 
  • Robust network of over 100 distributors to ensure that cancer patients and healthcare providers have access to cutting-edge precision oncology solutions.
  • AmoyDx® Pan Lung Cancer PCR Panel get approval in Japan as a Companion Diagnostic for selpercatinib RET fusion positive NSCLC.
  • Deepened global cooperation with AstraZeneca to increase precision oncology footprint globally.
Research and development investment was increased and accounted for 19.47% of the total revenue, underlining the company’s dedication to continuously innovate.

About Amoy Diagnostics: 
AmoyDx is at the forefront of championing molecular diagnostics for cancer, committed to enhancing patient outcomes worldwide through innovative diagnostic solutions and breaking barriers for global precision oncology adoption. The company is recognized for its excellence in precision medicine, driving advancements in cancer diagnosis through its extensive collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Robson Ee
Director, International Business


Revolutionizing Cancer Care in Vietnam: AmoyDx, BCE Vietnam and VSPC Sign MOU to Launch Overseas Molecular Pathology Training Initiative


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