SDC2 Methylation Detection Kit
Real-time PCR Assays
Clinical Specificity
90 copies/μL
Limit of detection (LOD)
Product Description

AmoyDx® SDC2 Methylation Detection Kit

The SDC2 gene is located on the long arm of human chromosome 8, and encodes the Syndecan-2 protein. Studies have reported that Syndecan-2 protein can mediate the adhesion and other functions of colorectal cancer cells, and play an important role in the regulation of proliferation and apoptosis of cancer cells. Many studies have demonstrated that SDC2 gene presents aberrant DNA methylation in both colorectal cancer of different stages and advanced intestinal adenoma samples compared with healthy specimens. Analysis of methylation status in SDC2 gene using stool DNA is found to be a highly sensitive and specific approach for early colorectal cancer screening.

The AmoyDx® SDC2 Methylation Detection Kit is a real-time PCR assay for qualitative detection of DNA methylation in SDC2 gene in human genomic DNA extracted from stool sample.

Technological Principles

The kit adopts real-time PCR technology which uses specific primers and fluorescent probes to analyze methylation status of SDC2 gene in human stool DNA samples. The bisulfite-treated methylated sequence in stool DNA samples is amplified by SDC2 methylation specific primers, and then the amplicon is detected by fluorescent probes to detect methylated CpG sites in SDC2 gene.

Testing Procedure
Compatible Sample Types:Stool DNA Sample
Compatible Real-time PCR Instrument
Stratagene Mx3000P™
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Product Name Size (test/kit)  Storage  Cat. No.
AmoyDx® SDC2 Methylation Detection Kit 24T  -20℃ 8.0131501X024D
AmoyDx® Stool BisDNA Kit 12T 10~30℃ 8.0250101X012G
AmoyDx® Stool Specimen Preservation Solution 12T 10~30℃ 8.0250201X012G


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