RET Gene Fusions Detection Kit
Real-time PCR Assays
25 copies/μL
Product Description

RET Gene Fusions Detection Kit

The RET proto-oncogene encodes a receptor tyrosine kinase for members of theglial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor family of extracellular signaling molecules.Seok et al.[1] reported a novel fusion gene between KIF5B and RET proto-oncogenecaused by a pericentric inversion of 10p11.22-q11.21. This fusion geneoverexpresses chimeric RET receptor tyrosine kinase, which could spontaneouslyinduce cellular transformation.Kohno et al. [2] identified in-frame fusion transcripts ofKIF5B and the RET oncogene, which are present in 1–2% of lung adenocarcinomasfrom people from Japan and the United States, using whole-transcriptomesequencing. The KIF5B-RET fusion leads to aberrant activation of RET kinase and isconsidered to be a new lung cancer driver mutation. The tyrosine kinase inhibitorvandetanib inhibits RET kinase activity.

Technological Principles

The kit is based on three major processes:

(1) Specimen preparation to isolate total RNA from NSCLC FFPE samples;

(2) Reverse transcription of target RNA to generate complementary DNA (cDNA);

(3) PCR amplification of target cDNA to detect of RET gene fusions with specific primers and fluorescent probes.

Testing Procedure
Compatible Sample Types:FFPE Samples
Compatible Real-time PCR Instrument
ABI 7500
Bio-Rad CFX96
LightCycler 480 II
Rotor-Gene 6000
Rotor-Gene Q
Stratagene Mx3000P™
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AmoyDx RET Gene Fusions Detection Kit provides reagents to perform assays for 12 tests:

 Product Name Type Size (test/kit)  Storage  Cat. No.
AmoyDx® RET Gene Fusions Detection Kit Bulk 12 -20±5 ℃ 8.01.23301X012H
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