DNA and RNA Extraction Kits
Extración de ácido nucleico
Product Description

DNA and RNA Extraction Kits


These are convenient, reliable and fast kits for isolation and purification nucleic acid from various clinical samples, especially formalin-fixation and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue specimens. It adopts innovative silica-based spin column and a special lysis buffer system for effective binding and extraction of DNA and RNA. The purified DNA and RNA have high-integrity, high-purity and stability, and are ideally suited for diagnosis and academic research.

AmoyDx® FFPE DNA, RNA and DNA/RNA kits 

These kits provide special lysis condition and unique deparaffinization method to extract DNA and RNA from formalin-fixation and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples. These kits significantly reverse the crosslinking and minimize the impairment of DNA or RNA caused by the FFPE procedure. It also incorporates absorbent spin columns which completely avoid the use of toxic and hazardous organic reagents and the overnight digestion with Proteinase K. DNA and RNA isolated with this kit is of high-quality and serves as an excellent template for gene mutation detection and gene expression analysis.


Store kit dry at room temperature (15~25℃). The shelf life of the kits is 12 months.

Assay Highlights

l   Simple and quick

l   Multiple sample types

l   High purity and high yield

l   Simultaneous DNA and RNA extraction

l   Good nucleic acid repair capacity

l   Good and stable PCR result

l   Quality proven by Quintiles (Beijing) and GC Labs (Korea)

l   GMP-compliant manufacturing

l   ISO13485-certificated laboratory

l   CFDA approval

Principle and Procedure:

l   Deparaffinize: paraffin is dissolved in xylene and removed

l   Lyse: sample is lysed under denaturing conditions with Proteinase K

l   Heat: incubation at 90℃ reverses formalin crosslinking

l   Bind: DNA/RNA binds to the membrane and contaminants flow through

l   Wash: residual contaminants are washed away

l   Elute: pure, concentrated DNA or RNA is eluted from the membrane

Other Info.

Product list

Kit Name Sample Specification Ref. No.
AmoyDx® FFPE DNA Kit FFPE 36T ADx-FF01
AmoyDx® FFPE RNA Kit FFPE 36T ADx-FF04
AmoyDx® Blood DNA kit Whole blood 36T ADx-BL01
AmoyDx® Serum/Plasma Cell-free DNA kit Sserum/Plasma 24T ADx-BL02
AmoyDx® Circulating DNA kit Pleural effusion, Serum or Plasma  24T  ADx-BL03
AmoyDx® Cell DNA kit Urogenital tract secretion and Cultured cells    48T  ADx-HPC01
AmoyDx® Tissue DNA kit Tissue, FNA, Pleural effusion 36T ADx-TI01
AmoyDx® Tissue RNA kit Tissue, FNA, Pleural effusion 36T ADx-TI02
AmoyDx® Tissue DNA/RNA kit Tissue, FNA, Pleural effusion 36T ADx-TI03

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