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Amoy Diagnostics maintains a dedicated molecular diagnostics services laboratory at its facility in Xiamen, China. The lab contains state-of-the-art instrumentation and is regulated according to strict ISO-13485 certification guidelines. 

Key points about our services:

1) We can process your samples using one or more of our assays. The samples can be fresh, frozen or FFPE slides. We will purify the nucleic acid, perform the PCR analysis, and deliver a finished report with full details of the results. As an example of work we have completed, we processed a set of over 100 non-small cell lung cancer samples for mutations in EGFR, EML4-ALK, KRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA, and also gene expression (copy number) for ERCC1, RRM1, thymidine synthase and tubulin beta 3. This rich level of molecular information may provide clinically useful insights into samples in your tissue bank.

2) We can develop a new real-time PCR assay, based on our proprietary ADx-ARMS technology, in collaboration with you. For example, we developed a kit that detects any of 14 rearrangements of the RET oncogene for a contract agreement with AstraZeneca. The technology can be used to develop tests for somatic mutations (base substitutions, small indels), gene expression, gene rearrangements and gene amplification. 

3) We are very open to new ideas for our service department. Please contact us at to discuss your project.