Super-ARMS EGFR Mutation Detection Kit

Super-ARMS EGFR Mutation Detection Kit

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Super-ARMS EGFR Mutation Detection Kit

    Currently there are several EGFR-TKIs approved for NSCLC (Non-small Cell Lung Cancer) targeted therapy including first-generation TKIs (gefitinib and erlotinib), second-generation TKI (afatinib) and third-generation TKI (osimertinib). To select right patients for these therapies, it is essential to detect EGFR mutation status before the treatment decision.

    NSCLC tissue testing has been applied to EGFR mutation detection for years. However, up to 25% of patients with advanced or metastatic NSCLC do not have an available or sufficient tumor tissue sample for this method of testing. More and more dynamic monitoring demand for EGFR mutation status appears. When tissue sample is not a reliable or realistic option, the ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) obtained from blood sample can be used for the assessment of EGFR mutation status.

    Supe-rARMS® EGFR kit is a highly sensitive, real-time PCR-based test which is designed to identify ctDNA EGFR mutation in plasma samples for patients with advanced or metastatic NSCLC. The kit adopts innovative ADx-Super-ARMS® technology which is upgraded from ADx-ARMS technology. Its optimized reaction system can rapidly and accurately detect low percentage of mutant ctDNA in a background of wild-type DNA.

    Intended Use: 
    CE marked for IVD use in Europe 
    Technological Principles: 
    The Super-ARMS® EGFR mutation kit enables detection of the following 42 EGFR mutations:


    • Exon 18: G719C, G719A, G719S

    • Exon 19: 29 deletions

    • Exon 20: T790M, S768I, 6 insertions

    • Exon 21: L858R, L861Q


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Super-ARMS® EGFR Mutation Detection Kit is available in the following size:

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EGFR Mutation Detection Kit





EGFR T790M Mutation Detection Kit


 24T -20℃


    see the FAQs page for an explanation of "pre-loaded" and "bulk" kits.

 Key Features and Benefits:

• Selectable - Pre-loaded and bulk formats are available.
• Universal - Compatible with peripheral blood, body fluid, FNA samples.
• Precise - Top sensitivity of 0.2% mutant allele.
• Easy - One-step procedure, results in 90 mins.
• Reliable - Internal and external controls included.


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