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Ordering couldnĀ“t be easier. Simply E-mail us at

We ship kits directly from our GMP facility to customers all around the world.

Sales support is provided by our fully trained sales and service desks. To help us serve you efficiently please ensure the following details are supplied when ordering:

1) Contact name
2) Contact email

3) Delivery address   

4) Contact telephone number

5) Assay type (EGFR 29, for example)

6) Quantity required (48 tests, for example)

7) Kind of PCR machine to be used 

We validate on the following machines: Roche LightCycler 480 I, Roche LightCycler 480 II; Stratagene MX 3000P/3005P; ABI StepOnePlus, ABI 7300/7500/7900; Bio-Rad IQ5, Bio-Rad CFX96.

For the EGFR and KRAS tests, please indicate "pre-loaded" or "in-bulk" tests. "Pre-loaded" kits are provided with the reagents pre-loaded in the PCR strips. For "in-bulk" assays, the user pipettes reagents into the appropriate PCR tubes. The EGFR and KRAS assays are available in both formats. All other tests are supplied in bulk format only.

    Discounts are available for standing orders, contracts or large volume purchases. Please contact us at for details.

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